Developed Under an Indian Council of Medical Research Funded Project
(Govt. Of India, Sanction No:BIC/12(31)/2013)
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            Major Pharmaceutical Companies launched plant derived drugs and there are only 10-15% of plant chemical has been so far explored and so Insilico Drug Discovery Industry needs to conduct an massive study of Plant Chemical Compounds as potent ligands for various diseases. The major challenge of such studies faced by Industry and Academia is that the information about traditionally used plants and phytochemicals are scattered and not is a ready to use form to proceed for molecular docking and simulations studies.

            We introduced Indian Medicinal Phytochemical Database (IMPDB), which is an outcome of the project entitled “Design and Development of chemical Compounds Database based on traditionally used Medicinal Plants Curated for Drug Designing” (Sanction no:BIC/12(31)/2013), funded by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and compiled by Centre for Bioinformatics Studies, Dibrugarh University.

            The proposed database powered by the web retrieval module facilitates the industry and academia with the chemical information which can be used in both traditional drug discovery as well as for development of new pharmacophore. The proposed project is in tune with the Drug Research including medicinal plants and indigenous/or traditional systems of medicine of the Councils Priority area under traditional medicine domain.

            The proposed research work will provide ready to use data for insilico drug design industry. Literature survey shows there is no such plant chemical database which stores the phytochemical data in tune with the insilico drug design process.